Student Writing

When I was Born by Jevonnah

When I was born, I came out of my mom’s stomach.  Then I went home, I sucked on my bottle.  I tottled around in my walker.  Then my big sister became a talker and I knew this girl, Little Miss Stalker.   We used to have a cat.  He was chasing a rat.  Then I… Read more »

The Haunted House by Makayla

It all started on Halloween. There was a haunted house. Nobody knew that it was a haunted house. When it started to get dark, everyone went trick-or-treating. The haunted house made scary noises like scratches on the window, stumping, and screaming. Everyone started to run away.   That wasn’t it. A scary scarecrow had nice… Read more »

She Had A Million Pockets by Geria

There was this little girl and she had a million pockets and hair that looked so beautiful, and it was made out of candy. And every time she dreamed, she dreamed about candy. And when she went in the bathroom, candy was everywhere.   She’s walking. First she shuts her eyes. Then she looks for… Read more »