She Had A Million Pockets by Geria

There was this little girl and she had a million pockets and hair that looked so beautiful, and it was made out of candy. And every time she dreamed, she dreamed about candy. And when she went in the bathroom, candy was everywhere.


She’s walking. First she shuts her eyes. Then she looks for the lights. And when she cuts off the lights a candy mouth burps, and then after it burps a lot of thousand million trillion candies bust out.


She cut on the lights. And then she walks out and her pockets were touching the ground with a thousand pieces of candy.


And then he had no teeth, because she sucked on all the candy she had til it got little and her mom said, “Girl, why you don’t have any teeth?”


Then she snuck to the store and got fake teeth. And then she told her mom she wished for more teeth. And her mom said, “Girl that was a good wish. You got your teeth back!”


And then after that every night she got a cup of water…but she didn’t drink it. She put her teeth in it! And she sleeps with her mouth full of white candy, because her mama checks on her, and she snores. So that’s why she put white candy in her mouth. And for the water with her teeth in it she got a refrigerator under her bed with a password on it. That’s why she sleeps with white candy in her mouth as her teeth.


She was so grown up and happy that she will never leave out of her bathroom. Because she had the bathroom; she had the tub; she slept on a big pile of candy as her bed. For breakfast she ate brown and yellow candy as eggs and bacon. For lunch she ate yellow and peach candy. For dinner she ate all colors.


I love candy!