The Haunted House by Makayla

It all started on Halloween. There was a haunted house. Nobody knew that it was a haunted house. When it started to get dark, everyone went trick-or-treating. The haunted house made scary noises like scratches on the window, stumping, and screaming. Everyone started to run away.


That wasn’t it. A scary scarecrow had nice sharp claws and a pumpkin face. It was so scary that all the kids ran away to their mom and dad, so the scarecrow took all of the candy. Then he called his other friends to scare the rest of the kids.


The next one was a big zombie, as big as a hotel. He stomped as loud as he could. The ground was shaking, the trees were falling, and bats were flying everywhere. Even the teenagers were scared. Can you believe that?! A scary skeleton was walking around like his leg was broken, but he still was ok. There were so many scary monsters!!!


The last monster was a vampire. He wanted to suck all the peoples’ blood. The first person was Tim. The vampire was very sneaky. He jumped behind his back and started sucking his blood. The next one was Tim’s friend named Jessie. She was skipping on the sidewalk. Suddenly, the vampire went into the bushes and made a scary sound, a sound like an owl. She turned around, and there was nothing there. Then the next time she turned around, the vampire jumped on her back and started sucking her blood.


The last one was a little boy named Tommy. He was walking down the road, and then suddenly the vampire was driving a muscle car. He was speeding so fast that he ran into Tommy. Then he started sucking Tommy’s blood.


Everyone was dead. That’s why no one came to their funeral. So all of the monsters started crying because they were watching a sad movie about Romeo and Juliet.